Abruzzo recipes

Typical dishes from Abruzzo: traditional recipes from mountain and sea

In the region of great national parks, majestic Gran Sasso, of the plateau of Campo Imperatore (that italian people call ”Piccolo Tibet”), I lived unique taste experiences, enjoying first of all mountain tradition, but also maritime one. In fact, we must remember that this region has more than 100 km of coastline. Typical dishes from Abruzzo give the palate the authenticity of the ancient customs and of the grandparents histories.

What a poetry, guys! And I remembered this poetry, when I wrote what you can read on this website. So, following this recipes, you will discover the beauty of Abruzzo and its gastronomic traditions.


The characteristics of the Abruzzese cuisine

Traditional cuisine of Abruzzo is full of great tastes and it’s based on the many high quality local products. The most representative is fresh pasta, especially worked on “Chitarra”, a particular tool present in every house of the region. Meat that comes from regional farms its a must, between pork sausages and lamb or sheep dishes. And what about extremely famous “arrosticini abruzzesi”? Ah, delicious! Then there are the rustic legumes and cereals soups, cooked in typical pans of stone, also used for the preparation of meat stew and fish.

Other 2 “special” products enter in the kitchens of this region… Did you know that Abruzzo is land of truffles and saffron?


Typical food of Abruzzo

Let’s start by mentioning the more particular food: saffron Aquila DOP, a treasure of this land. And the cheese? The dairy art of Abruzzo gives life to a great variety of cacio, caciottas, caciocavallo cheeses, ricotta, scamorza cheeses and Pecorino cheeses. One of the most precious is the pecorino di Farindola, produced with sheep’s milk and also pig rennet.

Another fresh and good dairy product  is the sprisciocca, a particular cheese coming from bovine’s milk. Also the delicatessen is quite flourishing; among the typical sausages: the ventricina teramana, the ventricina vastese, nnuje (salami made with tripe of pork and bacon), the annoia (kind of stomach sausage and intestines of pork) and the famous mortadella di Campotosto.

Totally changing sector, you have to know that among the specialties of Abruzzo there are also the confetti di Sulmona (Typical sweet made with almonds).


To try: The micischia

Now people who always love to discover new foods, have to certainly try this dish. But now we are talking about something really ancient. Micischia is  a product linked with the world of shepherds, we can call it “wild”. What is it? Sheep meat richly flavored, dried and sliced into strips. Unfortunately, this dish is quite rare to find. If you go to Abruzzo, get his footsteps!


The recipes of the typical dishes of the Abruzzo

Are you interested in cuisine of Abruzzo? Here you will find traditional dishes with a lot of punctual recipes, written by myself. Try them all and let me know which you liked most, and which has filled your stomach more ;). I recommend: won’t miss the sweets of Abruzzo: delicious!


Abruzzo recipes for appetizers and side dishes

  • Antipasto alla giuliese
  • Crostini alla chietina
  • Fiadone
  • Frittata all’amatriciana
  • Fuje strascinite
  • Patate maritate
  • Pizza con le sfrigole
  • Pizza scema
  • Virtù teramane


Abruzzo pasta resipes

  • Cannarozzetti allo zafferano
  • Fracchiata
  • Fregnacce abruzzesi
  • Maccheroni alla mugnaia
  • Maccheroni alla pecorara
  • Mazzarelle teramane
  • Minestra alla torricellese
  • Ndurciullune abruzzesi
  • Papicci
  • Rigatoni alla toranese
  • Sagne con i pelosi
  • Sagne e ceci
  • Scrippelle mbusse
  • Spaghetti alla chitarra
  • Tajarelloni


Main course dishes typical of Abruzzo

  • Agnello a cotturo
  • Agnello cacio e uova
  • Agnello all’angolana
  • Alici sperone
  • Arrosticini
  • Capra alla neretese
  • Ceppe al pomodoro
  • Coatto di pecora
  • Cozze alla vastese
  • Cozze allo zafferano
  • Frittata con acciughe
  • Maiale ndocca ndocca
  • Pallotte cacio e uova
  • Pollo alla franceschiello
  • Pollo allo zafferano
  • Tacchino alla canzanese
  • Trippa alla pennese
  • Trota alla ducale


Abruzzo dessert and cookies recipes

  • Bocconotti
  • Calcionetti
  • Cassata di Sulmona
  • Ferratelle
  • Noci attorrati
  • Parrozzo
  • Pepatelli
  • Sassi d’Abruzzo
  • Scrippelle fritte

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