Cakes and cookies

Recipes for cakes and cookies with the advice of the Pasty Chef

If you want to see an happy chef, close me in the kitchen to prepare cakes and cookies. Step whole days dedicating myself to the art of the pastry and It’s never enough. And I learned during my career that the pastry is a continuous challenge, even for a professional chef. At the beginning I passed by all errors from manual and since it is true that we learn from our mistakes, today I know all the secrets to avoid those from manual and those that I discovered alone, thinking on. You will find them in my recipes for cakes and biscuits.

Recipes for cakes pastry chef

Would you like to make cakes good and beautiful as those that can be seen in pastry? Well, not I will say to you that it is a breeze, because it is not. Each of the cakes that you find in the list below, in fact, hides pitfalls. But you don’t get scared: armed with good will, whip and sac à poche, Follow my advice and you will see that in your kitchen all the donuts come out with the hole! And if something goes wrong, write me: I will be happy to put my experience at your service.

  • Bostrengo
  • Castagnaccio
  • Ciambella
  • Ciambellone marchigiano
  • Ciambella romagnola
  • Frustenga
  • Gubana
  • Pan dei morti
  • Pandolce genovese
  • Pinza
  • Sbrisolona
  • Torcolo
  • Torta ai semi di papavero
  • Torta Bertolda
  • Torta Bertolina
  • Torta Caprese
  • Torta delle rose
  • Torta di San Biagio
  • Torta Elvezia
  • Torta sabbiosa
  • Tortionata
  • Zelten

Recipes for biscuits without… pies!

Who has never happened to bake cookies burned or raw? Who has never had to deal with a dough difficult to work, because it is too soft or too harsh? It happens! But in pastry for every problem there is a cause and therefore a way to prevent… pies. In recipes that you find here below, I’ll drive you to the preparation of biscuits without errors. As you see, this is the typical biscuits of the various regions of Italy, cookies that you make all year, around Christmas or for Easter. The choice is yours! And if you have any questions, do not think for even a moment: write me!

  • Amaretti
  • Baci di dama
  • Baicoli
  • Biscotti di San Martino
  • Brigidini
  • Brutti ma buoni
  • Buccellati
  • Canestrelli
  • Cantucci
  • Cuzuppa
  • Dolci di mandorla
  • Ginetti
  • Krumiri
  • Mostaccioli
  • Papassini
  • Pasticcini di pasta di mandorle
  • Pepatelli
  • Piparelli
  • Pitta ’nchiusa
  • Raviole di San Giuseppe
  • Ricciarelli
  • Sassanelli
  • Sassi d’Abruzzo
  • Savoiardi di Fonni
  • Scarcelle
  • Sospiri di monaca
  • Susumelle
  • Taralli
  • Taralli al naspro
  • Taralli bolliti
  • Tegole

Advice to take away

Before you get to work, always remember that the pastry is a science: that you prepare biscuits or cakes for curiosity for passion or profession, You must know that proceed “eye” (without weigh ingredients) is never a good idea: can go well, but more often you will attain mediocre results or decidedly impresentabili. And it is a pity! For this in the recipes that I write i try to take nothing for granted and to be as accurate as possible in both directions of the doses both in the description and in the procedures.

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