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Typical Friuli recipes: recipes for those who love to experience
What a nice surprise Friuli Venezia Giulia recipes, so varied and so particular! If like me you are one investigator, taste some typical dishes of Friuli will send you in the broth of giuggiole… I think to sweet-sour brovada with turnips – to eat next to very flavored musetto (similar to cotechino) – or to cjarsons, ravioli potato dough, salty and sweet together that the stuffing welcome raisins, cinnamon and sometimes even cocoa, and are seasoned with smoked ricotta cheese and melted fresh butter.
But, in this region, even when you taste the simplest dishes such as La Rustica polenta of buckwheat, the palate ago flips of happiness. I can assure you!
With a presentation of the genus, resist the temptation to try the flavors of Friuli Venezia Giulia is impossible, is not true? Then run to discover the traditional Friulan recipes that I have written for you. You can find them in the bottom of the page.
Want to learn more about the Friulian cuisine? Stop for a moment here with me. Blurb about what I discovered…

The characteristics of Friuli recipes
What makes the cuisine of Friuli Venezia Giulia so special? The fact that in the course of history (especially in the centuries of the Hapsburg domination), has become a crossroads of peoples, a point of encounter and exchange between different cultures. And this has also had an influence on the gastronomy. Fortunately! Otherwise today the heritage of flavors of our boot would be poorer.
Instead, in this beautiful region we can experience the ingredients and dishes of derivation and Slavic and German as the goulash, as well as dishes less “exotic”. In this regard, I have already appointed polenta, aggiungiamoci but also all the dishes based on vegetables and legumes as the radicchio, turnips, pumpkin and beans…
A special mention deserves the kitchen in the mountainous area of Carnia, which has a tradition in itself and little or has nothing to do with that of the eastern part. Is a kitchen in which predominates the local products, first among all cheeses, cured meats and game.

The typical food of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Corn bread, black bread, cornetto istriano… in the art of breadmaking, Friuli Venezia Giulia is king. But with what we accompany them these types of bread, if not with cheeses and cured meats?Here is a pair of first and a second:

FORMADI FRANT (Slow Food Presidium)
San Daniele prosciutto DOP
prosciutto di Sauris IGP.

And drinking, which brings us the Friuli Venezia Giulia? Among the wines, there is an embarrassment of choice: Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia Istriana, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Verduzzo, Schioppettino, Ramandolo… and at the end of the meal with a glass of grappa Friuli.
To try: white asparagus of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Diffused in Friuli Venezia Giulia, white asparagus is a fine vegetable. How to eat it? It lends itself to a myriad of recipes: you can savor together with other vegetables, next to the meat or fish. But the tradition wants him to be boiled and accompanied to the hard-boiled eggs.

The recipes of the typical dishes of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Is perhaps the northern cuisine that presents the dishes most singular (with respect to the mediterranean gastronomic tradition). For this reason I invite you to try the recipes that can be found here when you want to prepare something special and astonish the senses of the diners. And if you want to share with me your experiences with Friuli recipes, write me via email or on social network. You look!

Recipes for appetizers and vegetables typical of Friuli

Cornetto istriano
Brovada e muset
Pane bruno
Pane di mais
Patate in tecia
Pinza triestina

Friuli pasta recipes

Gnocchi di prugne
Lasagne al papavero
Spaghetti alla busara

Main course dishes typical of Friuli

Cevapcici – Ćevapčići
Filetto alla carsolina
Gulash triestino
Prosciutto in crosta di pane
Salam tal aset
Scampi alla busara

Cakes and cookies Friuli recipes

Chifeletti dolci
Crostoli friulani
Frittelle di mele seuka

Trieste style Plum Gnocchi with ground breadcrumbs, sugar and cinnamon

Plum gnocchi, in Trieste’s dialect “gnocchi de susini”, is a typical dish of Friuli, specifically from the city of Trieste. ...
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