Pizza Gourmet

Pizza Gourmet: delicious recipes and chef tips to prepare the true Italian pizza

In these recipes there is everything that I learned on the pizza gourmet in decades of activity in the kitchen. But most importantly, there is all my love for this dish. Here you will find only recipes written with the heart.

Choose your gourmet pizza and… hands in dough!

  • Round pizza home-made like the pizzeria
  • Deep-fried pizza napoletana style
  • Panzerotti pugliesi
  • Pizzelle fro Abruzzo
  • Pizza in long rising
  • Home-made recipe for white pizza- focaccia: Genovese, Roman and from Bari.

The characteristics of the gourmet pizza

Pizza gourmet is rich but slight, eat, satisfies you, you delight but you do not encumber. His distinctive traits are 3:

  • 1. Little yeast. First let me say one thing: the yeast is preferable sourdough but not necessary. Also the yeast goes well, the important thing is not to abuse it.
  • 2. Long rising, and with long time i mean minimum 12/15 hours. Without compromise.
  • 3 Abundant Garnishing : we must be generous and dress with the right quantity and quality of ingredients. A few rules, as you can see, but observe absolutely.

Pizza gourmet vs normal pizza

I will not use means terms: the gourmet pizzas are expensive. The price is around, on average, around 10-12 Euros. Its weight, however, goes from 350 to 450 grams, and is prepared with high quality products.

But we compare these numbers with those of a normal pizza: in general, it costs from 7,50 euro in on, but its weight does not exceed 200-250 grams, and very often it is made with cheap products, from discounters in short.

On balance, the price per kilo does not vary greatly, but quality yes. Ah, and do not forget that the gourmet pizza, if you are unable to finish it, you do not need to throw it. It keeps well and can you give us a snack the next day. ;) Then, I converted you to gourmet pizza? Write me (also on social) and let me know which of my recipes you have tried and what did you like most.

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