What I cook today?

What I cook today? Italian recipes fast, easy and delicious

How often do you not have the faintest idea on what cook today for lunch (or also for dinner)? Welcome in your pantry hints and culinary tips by the Italian chef Ciro Cristian Panzella. Here you can find Italian recipes: easy, delicious, vegan, snacks, street food, cakes, cookies, and so on!

  • Appetizer 
  • Fish Appetizer
  • Side dish
  • Pasta recipes
  • Fish pasta 
  • Meat 
  • Fish 
  • Dessert 
  • Cakes and bisquits 

I have written for you, for all those times that you need to answer the fateful question.

No, I am not talking about the “Do you want to marry me?”. The question to which I am talking is: “What I cook today?”. Tap into abundantly from my cookbook recipes below. You will find many Italian dishes easy to prepare and delicious to taste. Have you chosen ? Good appetite! And do not forget to share recipes with your friends. The people of the ” What I cook today? ” It is rather thick. ;)

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