Cheap places where to eat in Naples fresh fish with10 euro: show cooking and street food

Where to eat in Naples fresh fish: “Caà staà figlia dò Luciano”

It was so many time that I wanted to try the real neapolitan cuisine of the sea, and taking advantage of a visit to the family in Campania, I have granted a brief gastronomic tour to Naples. I often heard of boiled octopus in broth, as they called in Naples ” ‘Or bruor purp and co’ fresell” sold by hawkers as street food, through the streets of Naples seafront and near the large local markets of the city. And it is precisely there that we headed. Asking to people a place where to eat in Naples the famous octopus in broth, we direct immediately in one of those last few places now remained.

At Porta Nolana, near the central station of Porta Garibaldi, we find a small eatery, very renowned in Naples to be a cheap place where to eat in Naples of the excellent fresh fish in an informal way, also sold as food takeaway. We are proximity to sea and, to near the market of Porta Nolana, is located each fresh food you want.

“Ccà staà  figlia d’o Luciano“: food street e show cooking

neapolitan show cooking street food

The restaurant offers a simple kitchen with dishes of fresh fish served in an informal way in a household environment. Do not expect certain to find a real restaurant. The local is rather spartan, a few seats and open kitchen. Fully reflects what is the true Neapolitan popular tradition: home/work/passion for food.

The family management guarantees a fast and efficient service. The strong point of this place are the specialities that serve and what a specialty! Hearty dishes, delicious, amazing style cooked, prepared on the spot using the freshest products!

The typical dishes of the neapolitan cuisine of the sea

What a nice Discovery! It is one of the few places remain where to eat in the city the famous dish of neapolitan cuisine. It consist in a octopus drowned in its broth, “or bruor purp and with freselle”. You will note at the entrance of the local a canopy equipped with a steaming pot in which you cook the octopus. Here is boiled, cut into small pieces and served in a cup, the same as the coffee milk. This accompanies with one frisella. Is a slice of dry bread to soak in the broth. Needless to say that is delicious. The perfect cooking of the octopus, soft but at the same time crispy.

The intense flavor of the broth, in which you can dip the frisella. Is something amazing. In addition you use add a lot of ground pepper and olive oil raw, which makes the preparation even more tasty and flavorsome. Price 3 euro!

octopus in broth with fresella

Another specialty of the house is the seafood salad. But this is not the usual seafood salad.

mixed neapolitan fish dish

Here is composed of open mussels raw, fasolari, king prawns, sea snail and small seafood poor that all raw collects in a dish where they add pieces of octopus already boiled. The whole is then cooked at the time, with repeated spoon of hot fish stock on the dish.

cooking fresh fish with hot broth

fantastic warm fish salad

A type of cooking very sweet, that preserves texture and flavor to the preparation. The salad is then dressed with a simple wire of chili pepper oil or with a generous sprinkling of fresh pepper…

hot fish salad spicy

…DELICIOUS :)… Price 6 euro!

We pass now to the pasta dishes. It seems to me that there are 2 in menu: spaghetti with seafood and with clams. I choose for the sea food. Incredible, full of fish that I never seen!!

Neapolitan Spaghetti Seafood

spaghetti with seafood

The pasta is drained “al dente”, and is finished to cook in the rich fish sauce, with addition of tomatoes which seemed to me to be precisely those that I prefer, the tomatoes of the piennolo., a special type o cherry tomatoes that  grows on volcanic ground of Vesuvio.

Typical products and great capacity enclosed in a dish wonderful. Price 7 euro!

My stomach was abundantly satisfied. But now I was there and how could i renounce her… The “frittura di mare”  (fried fish). Impossible. I ask half portion and also this confirmed the expectations. Composed of octopus, small squid rings and shrimp, all floured and fried at the moment. Crunchy outside and soft inside the squid with their tufts, shrimps and prawns was very very good!

Price 7 euro for the entire portion, the one in the photo is only half…

neapolitan fish fried

Personal judgment

Overall vote? 10 ….All this wonderful food was excellent result and fresh. The restaurant offers a simple Neapolitan cuisine with big portions. The prices are very honest, staff is solar, that typical of Neapolitan traditions. In short, to conclude I can assure you that it is a place where to eat in Naples enjoying all the nuances and the “mille culuri” (thousend colors that Pino Daniele told in his famous song ), typical of the neapolitan cuisine.

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