Neapolitan cuisine

Many typical specialities of the authentic neapolitan cuisine

Typical Neapolitan recipes most popular are represented mainly by the pizza, pasta and by the sweet.  Pizza is of course the protagonist of the local gastronomy, it’s a must, the Italian food most imitated in the world. Hundreds of pizzerias are only in the historical center of Naples, and each one has its own special features due to the type of dough, the type of “cornicione” or for products used.

Appetizers, gastronomy and street food

Around the dough for pizza and its same name are many other specialties of the authentic neapolitan cuisine.
The deep-fried pizza for example, called “pizza fritta”an icon of street food. It’s a calzone pizza pasta filled with ricotta, fresh tomatoes, basil, cooked ham and pepper, which is fried and served hot.

The stuffed pizza with sausage and friarielli instead is a white focaccia stuffed with friarielli scalded and reamed in a pan with oil and garlic and fresh sausage.

The spaghetti pizza pie, it is a sort of omelet made with spaghetti cooked. Generally in the gastronomic culture napoletana, is a dish of recycling, which prepares to retrieve the advanced pasta. Today, the pizza of pasta, is sold everywhere as food street.

The potato cake orgattò di patane, made of a double layer of boiled potatoes and mashed, stuffed with mozzarella, caciocavallo cheese, ham, salami Naples and capocollo.

The Neapolitan pasta

Spaghetti, vermicelli, scialatelli, paccheri, perciatelli, ziti, zitoni, are only some pasta formats most popular Neapolitan cuisine, which is added thereto specific sizes of small productions local handicrafts, colors and shapes very curious :)

Pasta sauces

Main  sauces of neapolitan cuisine,  are the “soffritto, very narrow sauce, flavorful and spicy, done with offal and entrails of pig cut into small pieces and browned in lard, bay leaves, rosemary, onion, bacon and chili. All stew along with peeled tomatoes. You eat on bread or to dress the pasta.

Sauce with meatballs cooked in tomato sauce called “purpett ca sarza”. Meatballs seasoned with eggs, parsley, garlic, bread crumbs wrung out, pine nuts, raisins and pepper. Are slowly cooked in tomato sauce, simmer very gently, “pippiando” for some time. The meatballs, like other typical Neapolitan dishes are versatile. You use the sauce to dress the pasta and meat eaten as a second flow rate or for cushioning the sandwiches, consumed also in the form of street food.

Neapolitan meat sauce is the prince of the neapolitan cuisine. Roulades of capocollo, Meatballs alla napoletana, pieces of beef integers and spancelle of Porco, all cooked very slowly in tomato sauce. These ingredients make up the sauce for excellence of culture and of the napolitan recipes.
A must, a ritual, a unit of measure on which to measure the experience and ability of culinary every family.

The sauce is then used for seasoning macaroni, mafalde, fusilli or ziti, a type of tubular pasta long that breaks with the hands in an irregular manner.

The Sugo alla genovese or genovese sauce with pieces of beef stewed with vegetables in white. Beef stew with celery, carrot and onion, without tomato and subsequently frayed. Typically, in neapolitan cuisine  we used to dress the macaroni with the addition of grated cheese.
The seafood spaghetti, “spaghetti ai frutti di mare”made with fruits of the sea food of the gulf, such as mussels, fasolari or lupins and with small sea snails, octopus, shrimp, and small crabs of rock.

Other pasta recipes

The Neapolitan Lasagna, or “a’ lasagna” is baked pasta au gratin very rich, made with pasta already cooked and seasoned with ricotta cheese, meatballs with tomato sauce, mozzarella and boiled eggs. The classic among the typical Neapolitan dishes on Saturday afternoon, that use preparing for the excursions outside of Sunday pic-nic to the sea.
Minestrone soup, or “minestra maritata”, is a spicy soup made with vegetables and pieces of pork sausage and bone of ham boiled and then stripped and reduced into small pieces. In the water used to cook the meat you do then cook the vegetables and at the end it joins the entire. This soup is eaten with slices of stale bread or toasted.

Dishes of the fish neapolitan cuisine

The polpo con le freselle (octopus with slice of dry bread )drowned, or boiled octopus, is one of the dishes of the neapolitan cuisine of fish more sought after and appreciated. Usually cut into pieces and served in a cup with his cooking broth and a frisa of dry bread to soak. It’s rare to find today, there are only a few of place where to eat in Naples this special food.

Fried fish, colled “frittura di mare”, is made with octopus, squid rings, shrimp and small poor fish “paranza”. It is one of the typical Neapolitan dishes more popular of local sea-food restaurants.

Street food recipes: food and typical products to take away

The typical lunch of half day or for snacks in the afternoon (or that of the mid-night,) the gastronomic culture of Naples is represented by numerous typical products.
Sandwiches with meatballs, with sausage and friarielli, cuoppo, deep-fried pizza, the traditional Neapolitan sandwich, a rustic rather peppered, stuffed with pieces of provola cheese,salami, ham and boiled eggs, as not to mention the taralli Neapolitans to pepper are a true goodness.

In the heart of the district of San Gregorio Armeno, shops specialized of production of Neapolitan taralli. Crumbly, rich of lard, are found in a variety of types: with hazelnuts, pistachios, chili, naturally. Spicy to do sweat the head, go perfectly well with a good glass of wine or a cold beer, as a snack or in purity as food by road or for an aperitif.

Pastry: typical Neapolitan cakes

Other typical specialities of the neapolitan cuisine are the famous Neapolitan cakes. The Baba is a sweet soft and spongy you inzuppa with alcoholic wets the rum.

The queen of the Neapolitan pastry, the sfogliatella riccia, crunchy thin pasta rolled and stuffed with ricotta,

semolina and candied fruit, and the sfogliatella frolla with the same filling but with a shell of shortcrust pastry.
A classic of the Neapolitan pastry cakes is the pastiera. A cake of short pastry filled with cooked grain, ricotta cheese and candied fruits.

The delizia al limone, a sweet sponge cake stuffed and glazed with lemon cream the clips, fried dough fried and sprinkled with sugar.

The torta caprese, a cake with a base of cocoa butter, mounted and almond flour.
The zeppole di San Giuseppe, rings obtained with pasta puffs baked stuffed with custard cream and decorated with cherry.

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