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Typical dishes of Lazio: recipes from the story 
Ave, reader! Welcome to the typical Lazio recipes. I am the chef Ciro Panzella Cristian, but you can call me Cicerone, because I will be your guide in the gastronomic tradition of the great Rome and popular Castles, the bucolic Ciociaria and the Etruscan Tuscia, green Sabina and the beautiful coast.
You are here to discover the Lazio recipes of the typical dishes, am I right? For sure,  you will !
Think a little, I will answer also to questions “dangerous”. The type: amatriciana sauce you do with spaghetti or bucatini? And you use the bacon or pancetta?
You will know soon, dear friend, reading the recipe. But if you first want to make a turn in the cuisine of Lazio, look what I have to say to you just below.

The characteristics of the traditional cuisine of Lazio
All roads lead to Rome , and Rome as to the culinary traditions of the region as a whole . That is why in the Eternal City you can go to the taste of the most famous dishes , not only Those typical , how we says  in Rome  “Romane de Rome ” .
But what is characterised the cuisine of Lazio? Well, without doubt by an extraordinary variety. Yes, I know that this is a valid account a little for all regional cuisines in Italy. But I assure you that, in the case of Lazio, the variety is really very accentuated. Already for only the pasta recipes, we have a large amount of traditional dishes. You list the types of pasta that come to mind to burst, without thinking above a moment: carbonara, amatriciana, gricia, ricotta-cheese and black pepper, rigatoni with pajata, penne all’arrabiata, penne alla puttanesca, spaghetti with garlic, oil and chili pepper
Among the antipasti, dominate the fried: supplì al telefono, fiori di zucca (pumpkin flowers) in batter with mozzarella and anchovy fillets of salt cod, Mozzarella in carrozza. Well known are the contours of vegetables with artichokes (the giudia, are one of the dishes-symbol of Jewish cuisine-Roman), roman broccoli and puntarelle.
From the world of the flesh is drawn with both hands for a myriad of tasty dishes romans and not only: the abbacchio  ( lamb); coda alla vaccinara, that yes, it is precisely the queue of cattle; the saltimbocca, classic roulades of calf wrapped in ham; le cotiche, typically cooked together with the beans. Finally, her: the porchetta! Is the queen of fraschette, the rustic taverns characteristics of Castelli Romani, i.e. the villages that are located on the Colli Albani, all just a few steps away from the capital.Here flow rivers of wine. Which wine? But “er vino de li Castelli” ( wine from castles) obvious: the Romanella
Always talking about meat, we must mention the so-called  quinto quarto, (fifth quarter, offal), which is widely used in Lazio. What we obtained? Tripe, pajata (made with the small intestine of the calf), coratella (liver, lungs, heart of lamb), animelle (glands).
I could write for hours of the cuisine of Lazio… scherzavo not when I said that it is extremely varied! But I will stop here. Before closing, however I have the obligation to mention at least a dish coming from the coast of Lazio. I chose the tasty tiella di Gaeta, a sort of savory pie filled with fish (octopus, anchovies, mussels olive…) and vegetables.

The typical products of the Lazio
Imagine you want to fill the pantry with typical products of Lazio. What should you buy? Here is a short list of Lazio recipes and Roman:

Roman Abbacchio IGP
Romanesco Cheese of Genazzano
artichoke IGP romanesco
Roman Ciriole,
Copied  romane( strips of dry pork or horse meat typical of Roma),
Guanciale and mortadella of Amatrice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Tuscia
Oil DOP oil Canine Sabina DOP
pecorino romano DOP
Porchetta di Ariccia IGP
Puntarelle (chicory Catalonia indented of Gaeta)
Bread of Genzano IGP
or Lariano provatura cheese, is great for Mozzarella in carrozza
Roman Ricotta cheese DOP


To try: White pizza romana with mortadella
The White pizza romana is one of the best types of white pizza that i have ever tasted. In Rome is located in any pizzeria to cutting. To try with the mortadella. Why with the mortadella? Is ‘to death his, as they say in Rome to indicate a culinary combination perfect.

The Lazio recipes of the typical dishes
Have been a good “Cicerone” (guide)? I really hope so. Now take off the toga and commit the toque blanche, because I am going to introduce you my recipe of typical dishes from the romans and Lazio. Am very proud and are happy to share it with you. Force, oh mighty Player: start your journey among the recipes, and prepared to live the experience of divine taste!

Lazio recipes for appetizers and side dishes

Carciofi alla giudia
Carciofi alla matticella
Carciofi alla romana
Fiori di zucca in pastella con mozzarella e alici
Insalata di puntarelle
Mozzarella in carrozza
Pizza coi tanni
Pizza e mortazza
Supplì di riso al telefono
Tiella di Gaeta

Lazio pasta recipes

Acqua cotta della Tuscia
Bucatini alla amatriciana
Fettuccine alla papalina
Gnocchi alla romana 
Penne all’arrabbiata
Pasta alla checca
Pasta alla gricia
Rigatoni con la pajata
Sagne alla molenara
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino
Spaghetti alla carbonara
Spaghetti alla scoreggiona
Pasta alla ciociara
Pasta alla zozzona
Stracciatella alla romana
Tonnarelli cacio e pepe

Main course dishes typical of Lazio

Abbacchio al forno
Abbacchio alla romana
Animelle al marsala
Baccalà fritto alla romana
Bollito alla picchiapò
Coda alla vaccinara
Saltimbocca alla romana
Trippa alla romana

Lazio dessert and cookies recipes



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