Italian food Recipes

Traditional Italian food recipes: how to make pasta, risotto, pizza and other 500
Cookbook in my hand and white toque on my head, I have been criss-crossing the “Boot”, as Italy is often called, all my life.  I am on a perpetual quest to discover the traditional Italian food recipes that this country has to offer, all so different from where I grew up. Not that “cappelletti in brodo” (little hat-like ravioli in a clear, meaty broth ) bore me.  But chefs and explorers are cut from the same clothe!

To no surprise, there is no better way to start a journey “into” taste than accepting the pleasant influences of authentic italian food.

“ Ah, if only my chef’s hat could talk….”

It can’t, but I can!  And here, for you and your taste buds, I will describe all those traditional Italian recipes I have learned and prepared throughout my life and my career as a chef.

I might talk of the Sicilian like eggplants (aubergine) in a caponata recipes or “canederli” dumplings from South Tyrol in north of Italy… But I certainly won’t forget to mention tortellini in brodo, piadina romagnola or roman porchetta (no porcetta ;-) ).
Why pay attention to me?
The easiest explanation emerges from the traditional Italian food recipes themselves.

Italy’s gastronomic heritage is even broader than you imagine!  Some recipes are so natural you hardly think you have cooked them!  More demanding recipes take half a day to prepare… or half the night if you prefer standing over a stove while everyone around you is sleeping.  (How magical!)

In any case, here you will find complete, clear and easy information even when you come face-to-face with extravagant meals. As a professional chef, I don’t over-elaborate; I keep things simple.

Tell me! Have you ever happened to follow an amazing chef’s recipe step-by-step… but with disappointing results?  My only goal is to teach you how to create dishes that exceed your own expectations!

Of course, I am always ready to give you the extra advice that will allow you to stun your senses!  Even if traditional Italian cuisine has always been closely tied to the “hardy” rural traditions of our forefathers, never let it be said they weren’t perfectionists!

In all these recipes, I have included the details that make the difference between a good dish and an amazing one.  As I describe them to you, be prepared for a revelation!

So, what would you like to eat today? Starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts: here you will find everything your heart, palate and soul desire!

Would you enjoy preparing a typical menu from a single region like Campania, Lazio or Lombardia or a cross-regional one? Take all your senses to Sardinia for the main course, move on to Tuscany for the next dish, before astonishing them with a Sicilian dessert with my best collection of traditional Italian food recipes.

Now, it’s time to help yourself!  Here you will find all the traditional recipes of Italy’s many culinary regions.
Enjoy your research… take a seat and
choose your recipes!
Here you can find some of mine traditional Italian food recipes by region already translated, with my English a little sloppy, even if the recipes will be talking …  ;-) …

In each region you will find the italian food list divided for each category; from appetizer to dessert, from recipes of pasta with
fish recipes or meat!

Valle d’Aosta
Trentino Alto Adige
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Emilia Romagna
Toscana – Tuscany
Puglia – Apulia
Sardegna – Sardinia
Sicilia – Sicily

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