Campania recipes

Typical dishes of Campania: recipes envied from all over the world

The first time that I have been in Campania i thought: leave me here, leave me between Buffalo mozzarella and Neapolitan pizza, sfogliatelle and babas. You know: for a chef gourmet and who loves local products like me, this region is a paradise. I didn’t remained, but I took away with me a big part of this land. I did it by writing the Campania recipes of typical dishes that you find on this page.

Naples was my biggest source of culinary inspiration, but I can confirm that in this region you can eat divinely everywhere. “Jamme, uagliò” ( means c’mon guys) : let me show you the characteristics of this cuisine from the celestial goodness, famous all over the world.


The characteristics of the Campania cuisine

Ok, pizza and buffalo mozzarella are the undisputed queens of gastronomy of Campania. But there is much more to taste in this region, thanks to a huge variety of products from agriculture, by farming and fishing, and thanks to the incredible fantasy of Campania people, who knew how to valorize this products. And all this, following the fine art of simplicity.
We said, not only pizza and mozzarella… In Campania we find other “kingdoms of taste”: that of dry pasta, for example, whose capital is Gragnano, and that of the tomato, the red gold, in the form of a sauce, which enriches the famous dishes of the neapolitan magnificent tradition.

From the colorfull fruit and vegetables sector, on the Campanian tables arrive many tasty dishes: I am thinking about the “friarielli”, strictly accompanied with sausage, and “Scarola”, with which you can make a tasty soup; to zucchini, special in “sacapece style” preparation, and eggplants of the famous “Parmigiana”; peperoni and artichokes that filled are turned into real treasures of taste.
And passing from the earth to the Tyrrhenian Sea, remember that the traditional Campania recipes is also famous for its delicious dishes based on fish and seafood.


The typical Campania food

Buffalo mozzarella DOP, Gragnano Pasta IGP, San Marzano tomato DOP are the three most famous Campanian food. But what else does Campania offer us?

Campanian cheeses:

  • Silano Caciocavallo cheese
  • Provolone del Monaco cheese
  • Campanian Buffalo Ricotta cheese
  • Fruit and vegetables:
  • Vesuvian Piennolo tomato DOP
  • Paestum artichoke IGP
  • Costa d’Amalfi lemon IGP
  • Sorrento lemon IGP

Olive oil DOP:

  • Cilento extra virgin olive oil
  • Salernitan extra virgin olive oil
  • Irpinia-Colline dell’Ufita olive oil
  • Sorrento Peninsula extra virgin olive oil
  • Terre Aurunche extra virgin olive oil

You must try: fried neapolitan pizzas
In Naples, pizza is not only cooked using the oven. There is also the fried variant. The “pizzelle” are small fried pizzas, generally only flavoured with tomato sauce, grated cheese and basil. Here you will find the recipe to prepare it at home.


Typical dishes of campania recipes

Those below are mostly recipes coming from Naples, because the neapolitan cuisine is the one with which I entered multiple times in contact. “Naples is a thousand of colors”, said the great singer Pino Daniele. Well, Naples is  thousand colors also in its culinary tradition. With recipes that here I share with you I tried to explain exactly this.

How in Naples says: “Jamme a magna’!”

Campania recipes for appetizers and side dishes

  • Carciofi imbottiti
  • Casatiello
  • Cianfotta
  • Cistecca montese
  • Crocchè napoletani
  • Fellata napoletana
  • Friselle con pomodrini vesuviani e mozzarella
  • Frittata di asparagi selvatici
  • Gattò di patate
  • Insalata di limoni
  • Insalata di rinforzo
  • Impepata di cozze
  • Panino napoletano
  • Peperoni all’aceto
  • Pizza chiena, canascione
  • Pizza fritta
  • Pizza piena salsiccia e friarielli
  • Pizzette di sciurilli
  • Puparilli fritti
  • Scagnuzielli
  • Zucchine alla scapece


Campania recipes for pasta dishes

  • Frittata di spaghetti
  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina
  • Lagane e ceci
  • Lasagna napoletana
  • Maccheroni alla positana
  • Maccaruni lardiati
  • Minestra maritata
  • Pasta fagioli e cozze
  • Pasta fujuta
  • Pizza
  • Ragù napoletano
  • Ravioli capresi
  • Sartù di riso
  • Scarola e fagioli con pizza ionna
  • Soffritto napoletano
  • Spaghetti alla Gennaro
  • Spaghetti alla puttanesca
  • Sugo alla genovese
  • Tiella alla cilentana
  • Timpano alla cardinale


Campania recipes for typical main course dishes

  • Baccalà alla pertecaregna
  • Ciquitta
  • Coniglio all’ischitana
  • Costine di maiale con peperoni all’aceto, spangelle co li peperuni all’acito
  • Parmigiana di melanzane
  • Peperoni abbottonati
  • Polpette napoletane
  • Polpette con friarielli
  • Polpette con pomodorino del Piennolo
  • Polpo con le freselle
  • Polpo alla Luciana
  • Salsiccia e friarielli
  • Scaloppine alla pulcinella
  • Totani alla sorrentina
  • Uova alla monachina
  • Uova in purgatorio

Campania recipes for typical desserts, cakes and cookies

  • Anginetti
  • Babà
  • Baci di dama al limone
  • Biscotti all’amarena napoletani
  • Casatiello dolce
  • Crostata amalfitana
  • Delizia al limone
  • Mostaccioli
  • Murticielli
  • Pastiera napoletana
  • Pullece e monaco
  • Sciù al cioccolato
  • Sfogliatelle ricce
  • Sfogliatella frolla
  • Taralli al naspro napoletani
  • Taralli dell’Immacolata
  • Torta caprese
  • Zeppole di patate


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